anger:                                 a strong feeling of displeasure or antagonism.
alcohol:                              A depressive drug.  A sedative.  
allergy:                              an abnormal reaction to food or chemical substance.  
agnostic:                            a person who believes that nothing can be known about God.  
atheist:                               a person who believes God does not exist.  
believe:                              to suspect that something is true, or accept that possibility.  
craving:                             an overpowering desire. (Big Book - after starting to drink)  
decision:                            to “cut into” or “cut in two.”  To gather facts and select which are going to be acted upon.
                                          ( Humor - ALL decisions are based on inadequate information.)  
defect:                               imperfection, shortcoming.  
disease:                            (dis-ease) a condition that separates a person from normal health patterns.  
dishonesty:                        willful perversion of truth in order to deceive.  
envy:                                  painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another.  
exact:                                 accurate, precise, methodical.  
fault:                                  something done wrongly; an error or mistake.  
faith:                                  confidence, sureness, credulity, reliance, trust.  
fear:                              an unpleasant emotion brought on by negative anticipation.  Guilt stems from fear of the past, Dread from fear of the future.  
frightened:                         a temporary or continual state of fear.  
greed:                                excessive desire to acquire certain things.  
honest:                              truthfulness.  Fair and just - not cheating or stealing.  
inconsiderate:                    without thought or consideration of others.  
insanity:                             Big Book - the peculiar mental state alcoholics get into before the first drink.  
inventory:                          a written list  
life (lives):                          an individual’s actions.  The manner of one’s existence.  
lust:                                     excessive desire or seeming need (usually sex).  
manifestation:                     the “display” or evidence of something else.  
mistake:                              error, fault, inaccuracy.  
moral:                                  truth, inner meaning, scrupulous.  
nature:                                 essential qualities or components.  
obsession:                          to fill the mind continually.  To preoccupy or haunt to the exclusion of contrary ideas.  
phenomenon:                      some unique event that we may see but may not understand.  
powerless (over alcohol):   Big Book - cannot drink as the result of an allergy manifested by craving, and cannot stop (or stay stopped) as the result

                                              of  a  mental  obsession.
pride:                                      excessive and unjustified opinion of oneself; too high (self-love) or too low (self-hate).  
resentment:                          from the preface “re” (repeating or over and over,) and “sentire,” (to feel).  Indignant or bitter feelings. Often followed by “at.”  
sanity:                                  from “sanitas” (whole).  Mental health.  The tendency to avoid extreme views.  
selfish:                                 deficient in the consideration for others.  
self-centered:                      preoccupied with ones’ own personality or affairs.  
self-seeking:                        excessive caring about one’s own welfare before that of others.  
shortcoming:                        failure to come up to a standard.  Defect.  
sloth:                                    having no inclination to act or put forth effort.  
will:                                      thinking.The faculty by which a person decides.  
will power:                           control exercised over impulse; self-control.  
willing:                                 cheerful intention; gladly ready (to act).  
wrong:                                 acting, judging, or believing incorrectly.  In error.  
vital:                                    necessary (for life),  indispensable.  

alcohol:   spirituous or intoxicating element in fermented liquors. Pure or rectified spirits of wine.  
spirit: the soul, courage, vivacity, alcohol