"MAGIC "  
(“remarkable influence producing surprising results”-Concise Oxford Dictionary)

“MAGIC” happens:  when we put pen to paper  

·                     in writing Step One

·                     in writing Step Two

·                     in writing Step Four

·                     in writing Step Six “list”

·                     in writing Step Eight “list” and our “plans and “heat factor”

·                     in writing Step Ten “when we retire at night”

·                     in writing ... letters, journalizing ...

MAGIC” happens:  when we learn to hear:

·                     by learning to listen ... with undivided attention

·                     by listening at meetings

·                     by listening to the new members

·                     by listening to the older members

·                     by listening to the “middle” members

·                     by listening to tapes

·                     by listening, when ONE alcoholic shares with ANother alcoholic

·                     by listening to a Step One and Two review

·                     by listening to a Third Step Decision

·                     by listening to a Fifth Step

·                     by listening to a review of Step 6

·                     by listening to Step Seven

·                     by listening to someone’s Step Eight list, plans, and heats

“MAGIC” happens:  when we learn to share:

·                     share Step One with Another member

·                     share our conceptions or the “vision” of Step Two with ANother member

·                     share in Doing the Third Step with Another member

·                     share in the Fifth Step

·                     share at meetings

·                     share ONE alcoholic with ANother alcoholic in the Sprit of the 12th Step

“MAGIC” happens:  when we learn to “see”:

·                     see the similarities amongst ourselves (rather than the differences)

·                     see others “catch fire” with this PROCESS and recover

·                     see the Changes  Wrought in others

·                     see our own life’s “manifestations” change

·                     see that this process REALLY WORKS!

“MAGIC” happens:  when we DO the ACTION:

·                     when we DO the Steps - ALL of them

·                     when we DO get a sponsor and commit to that relationship

·                     when we become an ACTIVE member of the Group

·                     when we ACTIVELY try to help others, especially alcoholics

·                     when we ACTIVELY try to RECEIVE and DO God’s Thinking