·                     Do you have a sponsor?

·                     What is your idea of an “effective sponsor?”

·                     What is your idea of an “effective sponsee?”

·                     How many AA related telephone calls did you receive yesterday?

·                     How many AA related telephone calls did you make yesterday?

·                     Are you sponsoring any people?

·                     Have you DONE the Steps?

·                     How much time did your 4th Step take?

·                     How long, in hours, was your Fifth Step.

·                     Have you held on to some “dirty little rotten secret(s)”?

·                     Have you HEARD a Fifth Step?

·                     How much time have you devoted to Steps 6 and 7?

·                     Did you make a Step 8 list?

·                     Have you done your utmost to make AMENDS (vs. “Apologize”)

·                     Write a few paragraphs on Step 10.

·                     Do you Pray?

·                     Do you Meditate?

·                     Have you had a spiritual awakening?

·                     Are you committed to helping others?

·                     Are you a member of a Group?

·                     Do you believe that “sober” includes ALL OTHER MIND/MOODaltering drugs?

·                     Do you experience any of the “bedevilment’s” described on Page52 of the Big Book?

·                     Having trouble with personal relationships?

·                     Trouble controlling your emotional nature?

·                     Are you a prey to misery?

·                     Are you prone to depression?

·                     Are you having trouble “making a living”?

·                     Do you feel “useless”?

·                     Are you filled with FEAR?

·                     Are you UNHAPPY?

·                     Do you feel you can be of REAL HELP to other people?

·                     Is your sex life “open” or “secret”?  Is it in alignment with your ideal?